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The date was 20th december 2010 our multinational company held a office party at this club in town, i wore a red short sleave top with a low neck line
and a denim skirt which was just above my knees

i wanted to take Enrique with me but i couldnt because he was out of town visiting his parents
so i whent out to have some fun

as i walked up to the club you could hear the bass from the speakers and there was a small crowd at the door

i saw my friend mel in the crowd and i pushed my was through to meet her
as i walked through the crowd it felt great to be rubbing up against people because i havent been out parting in some time

we made it inside and the atsmophere was electric the sportlights where spinning, people where dancing dr4imking having a good time

me and mel got a drink downed it, and whent to the middle of the dance floorand started dancing

i was rubbing up against mel like a pro and she couldnt keep her hands off me,
her hands moved from my waist up towards my breasts, at that moment i knew i made the righyt decision not to wear a bra that night,
her hands slipped between the button and on to my left boob ,

Alittle information about me,
my full name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (i know thats a mouthfull but i'm not ashamed of my Irish background)
i'm roughly 5″10 and i am 120 pounds
i have blond hair and i like to wear high heals as often as possible

i have a boyfriend called Enrique he has dark brown hair and is spanish, “,

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